Readings in Daoist Mysticism
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Readings in Daoist Mysticism
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Livia Kohn
250 Pages
April 2008
ISBN 978-1-931483-13-1


A handy reader for students and teachers of Chinese mysticism, this collects 140 pages of various conference presentations and re-edited articles together with 90 pages of easily accessible translations of relevant primary sources. It can be used in a specific class on Chinese mysticism, in a section of a comprehensive course on Chinese religions and/or Daoism, or in an introduction to mysticism in comparative perspective. It can also be used for general information on the subject or to access relevant sources.


Part 1: Studies
1. Mystics in Training: Living the Daoist Body
2. The Mystical Process: Healing and Immortality
3. The Ethical Universe: Precepts and Mystical Practice
4. Mystical Philosophy: Theories, Logic, and Exegesis
5. Modes of Mystical Experience: Enstasy Versus Ecstasy
6. Energetic Transformation: Mystical Experience in Internal Alchemy
7. Sages and Perfected: Mystics in the World
Part 2: Translations
8. The Ultimate (Daode jing, Laozi bianhua jing, Youlong zhuan, Santian neijie jing, Wufuxu)
9. Language (Daode jing, Xisheng jing, Daode zhenjing xujue, Heshang gong zhangju)
10. The Self (Chu sanshi baosheng jing, Huangting waijing jing, Huming jing)
11. Training (Xiwangmu baoshen qiju jing, Fuqi jingyi lu, Nei riyong miaojing, Wuzhen pian)
12. Ethics (Chisongzi zhongjie jing, Taiji zhenren shuo ershisi menjie jing, Jieye benxing jing)
13. The Ideal Human (Ge Xuan neizhuan, Daode jing, Zuowang lun,Yuandai Liexian zhuan)
14. Mystical Union (Guanshen dajie, Cunshen lianqi ming, Buxu ci)
Appendix: Bibliography of Confucian Mystical Texts in Translation
Bibliography of Works Cited