Beyond the Daode Jing
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Beyond the Daode Jing

Twofold Mystery in Tang Daoism

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Friederike Assandri
228 Pages
August 2009
ISBN 978-1-931483-12-4


This book is the first monograph to present early Twofold Mystery (chongxuan) teaching to a Western audience: historical context, protagonists, and major texts, and philosophy, including cosmogony, epistemology, salvation, and the pantheon.

Developing at a time of intense interaction and debate among Daoists and Buddhists, Twofold Mystery integrates many originally Buddhist concepts into a Daoist theory of salvation based on, yet going beyond, the Daode jing. Heir to the philosophical tradition of Dark Learning or Mystery Study as well as to Daoist devotional and immortality schools of the Six Dynasties, Twofold Mystery is key to understanding medieval Daoist thought.


In Beyond the Daode jing, Dr. Assandri provides a superb introduction to the intricate philosophy of Twofold Mystery; it also explores an important but so far unkown field in the intellectual history of China: Tang religious philosophy.

--Ronnie Littlejohn, Belmont University