Daoism and Chinese Culture
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Daoism and Chinese Culture
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Livia Kohn
228 Pages
Third edition, June 2012
ISBN 978-1-931483-00-0


A long-awaited textbook that introduce the major schools, teachings, and practices of Daoism, this work presents a chronological survey that is thematically divided into four parts: Ancient Thought, Religious Communities, Spiritual Practices, and Modernity.

It offers an integrated vision of the Daoist tradition in its historical and cultural context, establishing connections with relevant information on Confucianism, Chinese Buddhism, popular religion, and political developments. It also places Daoism into a larger theoretical and comparative framework, relating it to mysticism, millenarianism, forms of religious organization, ritual, meditation, and modernity. The book makes ample use of original materials and provides references to further readings and original sources in translation. It is a powerful resource for teaching and studying alike.


The book comprehensively covers all main topics and periods of Daoism. It does not stop after the Tang as earlier works tend to do, but goes all the way into the present and also to some extent discusses Daoism in non-Chinese cultures. It is clearly and lucidly written and addresses a broad audience-not necessarily of sinological background. It may well be used in the classroom and by interested nonspecialists. Still, for those of deeper interest there are references that allow them to further pursue their study of Daoism.
--Stephan-Peter Bumbacher, Tuebingen University