Qigong Meets Quantum Physics
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Qigong Meets Quantum Physics


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Imke Bock-Mobius

154 pages, Illustrated
January 2012
ISBN 978-1-931483-21-6


Quantum physicists have reached a point commonly only attained by mystics: they understand something with amazing clarity yet can only talk about it in parables and metaphors. In this context, qigong with its Daoist background is a powerful way to integrate these apparently opposing ways of apperception and understanding. It allows us to realize cosmic oneness in the activities of daily life.

This book succeeds in presenting both an easily accessible outline of quantum physics and also an appreciation of mysticism beyond vagueness and obscurity. From here it describes the physical and mental movements of qigong as a way of integrating body and mind, head and heart, detailing specific exercises and outlining their rationale and effects.

The Author

Imke Bock-Moebius holds a Ph. D. in physics, worked in China and began active qigong training; back home she studied Chinese language and philosophy. Experienced in other forms of energy and light work, she resides in southern Germany where she teaches qigong, practices shiatsu, and gives lectures at both academic and popular venues. www.qigong-shiatsu-radolfzell.de


Modern physics confirms what the mystics have repeated throughout the ages: that ultimate reality is an integrated oneness, that all things are fundamentally connected. However, whereas the mathematical models of quantum mechanics are well established, the philosophical interpretations of those models remain undeveloped. Mobius adds to the discussion by drawing parallels between quantum mechanics and the philosophical theories of qigong and traditional Chinese medicine. Much more importantly, however, she advises and instructs the reader to go beyond the inherent limitations of the intellect and to directly experience the wholeness of creation through qigong practice. Mobius welcomes the reader to the path of qigong, a path of wellness and experiential realization.

-- Yang Yang, PhD. Author of Taijiquan: The Art of Nurturing, The Science of Power