Daoistic Dietetics
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Daoistic Dietetics

Food for Immortality

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Livia Kohn
210 Pages
February 2010
ISBN 978-1-931483-14-8


Daoist Dietetics provides an introductory overview of the main characteristics, historical developments, and recipes of the Daoist diet. It begins with two analytical parts: first a section that discusses traditional Chinese medicinal diets the foundation of Daoist eating; then a more specific part on the theory, history, and practices of Daoist nutrition. Beyond this, it presents translations of four medieval texts on bigu, the Daoist way of transforming ordinary eating into living on qi; and concludes with a selection of recipes, divided according to dishes, such as breakfast cereals, salads, and desserts.

Conceived in close cooperation with Ute Engelhardt, master and renowned presenter of Chinese dietetics, the book draws on resources from many different countries, periods, and academic disciplines. A pathbreaking venture, it opens new insights into the longevity methods and religious technology of traditional China, setting the stage for more in-depth studies and research oppportunities in the future.


Part 1: Medicinal Diets
1. Principles of Chinese Diet
2. Food Taboos and Regulations
3. Dietary Therapy
Part 2: Daoist Food
4. What Daoists Eat
5. Food in Ritual
6. Living on Qi
Part 3: Texts on Practices
1. Herbal Formulas
2. Giving Up Ordinary Food
3. Guiding Qi
4. Embryo Respiration
Part 4: Recipes
1. Cooked Cereals
2. Appetizers
3. Soups
4. Salads
5. Stews & Noodle Soups
6. Main Dishes
7. Desserts
8. Herbal Teas