A Source Book in Chinese Longevity
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A Source Book in Chinese Longevity
Paperback 34.95 USD
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Livia Kohn
300 Pages, Illustrated
April 2012
ISBN 978-1-931483-22-3


People today live longer than in any time in history and they want to stay young and active for many years to come. The Chinese have successfully practiced longevity techniques for millennia, working with process-oriented and energy-based methods. Their literature is full of essential insights and practical guidelines to longer, healthier, and happier lives.

A Source Book in Chinese Longevity is the first comprehensive collection of traditional longevity sources in English translation. Arranged chronologically, it presents materials from ancient medical manuscripts through medieval manuals and Daoist scriptures to late imperial works that specifically focus on women. Well organized and illustrated, it provides easy access to a treasure trove of information, fascinating to scholars, practitioners, and lay readers alike./p>

Selected texts include: Zhuangzi, Neiye, Heshang gong zhangju, Baopuzi Yangsheng lun, Yangsheng yaoji, Xiwang mu Baoshen jing, Jin'gui lu, Daoyin jing, Yangxing yangming lu, Baosheng lun, Fushou lun, Fuqi jingyi lun, Huanzhen neiqi fa, Baduan jin, Dadao ge, Nudan tiyao, and more.


Livia Kohn must have mastered the Taoist art of multiplying herself. How else could one person produce such a volume of consistently brilliant work? Not content to simply interpret Taoist literature, here Dr. Kohn leads us to the source, translating essential chapters and texts on longevity. Her command of classical Chinese and sensitivity to different worldviews make this work as important to the seeker as to the scholar. By giving us a history and context for these ancient texts, they come alive and speak to us now. I highly recommend A Sourcebook in Chinese Longevity.

--Kenneth Cohen, author of The Way of Qigong and Taoism: Essential Teachings