Internal Alchemy for Everyone
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Internal Alchemy for Everyone

Paperback $27.95, plus S&H PDF download $15

TaoChung Ho
150 Pages
April 2007
ISBN 978-1-931483-38-4


This book makes the self-cultivation of Daoist internal alchemy available to everyone. Avoiding predetermined academic categories, it provides an outline of basic concepts in conjunction with evolutionary theory as well as easily accessible practice instructions. Done correctly, the practice provides numerous benefits, including freedom from disease, an extended life expectancy, increased wisdom, and more. This helps everyone! The work opens the powerful esoteric system of internal alchemy to a wide, general audience, lifting it out of obscurity and mystification while yet retaining a strong hold in historical sources. A must-read for anyone interested in traditional Chinese cosmology, Daoist practice, and the active pursuit of a healthier and longer life!

Chungtao Ho was born in China in 1952 and has resided in Hong Kong with his family since 1964. After receiving his graduate degree in philosophy at Hong Kong Buddhist College, he has lectured at this College in Hong Kong as well as at Zhonghua College of Medicine and Technology in Taiwan. He retired in 2012 and now lives in Indonesia. He has practiced and studied internal alchemy for many decades.


This is an inspiring introduction to China’s most powerful spiritual technology. For beginners, it organizes this complex process into simple steps that greatly elucidates its usual obscurity. Its clear language, good writing, and simple explanations will encourage the curious to explore this path. For those already engaged, it offers the best survey of Chinese alchemical literature I’ve ever seen, with dozens of useful quotes from classic texts. It distinguishes between cultivating postnatal and prenatal qi, which separates alchemy from most qigong, and is essential in birthing the immortal embryo. Chungtao Ho knows internal alchemy is an experimental path, with many ways, so his approach may not exactly match one’s own. This book will still be an invaluable resource in highlighting the key principles and practical steps required. I'm recommending it to all my students. — Michael Winn,, author of many books and courses on Daoist internal alchemy.